He lifted her face with one finger under her chin and captured her mouth with his. Heat bloomed inside her. Oh, yes, she was winning. Lost in the drugging kiss they shared, she felt his fingers pull the fabric of her skirt up higher on her thigh, and then his warm hand swept over her pantyhose-clad hip. She barely heard the bell as the elevator door slid open.

“Well really,” said an affronted voice.

Oh. My. God. She felt like she’d been plunged into an ice-water bath, the sexy heat that had been building inside her quenched in an instant of total embarrassment. She stiffened. But before she could back away, Alex tightened his grip on her. Without separating his lips from hers, he reached out and stabbed the Door Close button. Then he finally broke the kiss.

As the door slid shut he called out cheerfully, “Sorry, wrong floor.”


Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 679-686). Saralee Etter.

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