…Well, his 21st-century title is “Senior Account Executive – Potions.” He’s Jason Wellington Wells, of JWW Enterprises, Ltd., 70 St. Mary Axe, London, he’s quite a salesman.

Let’s listen in on his first conversation with Eileen Sangazure, of the American law firm Sangazure & Poindextre:

“I like to say that at JWW we are not content merely to nudge the course of destiny into a new direction— we’re in the business of twisting the long arm of coincidence right out of its socket.” He smiled at her proudly. She found herself smiling back and accepting an elegant engraved business card.

“They’re a distinguished firm of Family Sorcerers, my dear. The firm is named after John Wellington Wells, who was Jason’s great-grandfather.” [Alex added.]

“Great-grand-uncle,” Jason corrected. “J W Wells was a forward-thinker, the first to apply modern business methods to the practice of sorcery. Brought the firm right into the nineteenth century. But he died suddenly in a work-related mishap and left no direct descendants.”

“Sorry to hear it,” Eileen murmured.
Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 201-211).