Coffee cup with steamPrim and proper lawyer Eileen Sangazure gets the shock of her life when her fiancé Alex shares his great new idea:

“A love potion for the best kind of love—universal love!” Alex declares. “Half an hour after they drink it, everyone at the firm will look at their coworkers in a new way. Think of it, Eileen! An entire law office, all treating each other like human beings for a change. What do you say to that?”

Eileen is convinced that no amount of hocus-pocus could make senior law partners Ann and Duke stop their noisy quarrels. Or change the way sexy, ambitious executive assistant Zoe thinks about laid-back Kevin the IT guy. Or help timid Connie get a date with her boss, Roger, who’s too shy to admit he is attracted to her.

Then the potion actually works…much too well! Not only are co-workers looking at each other in a new way, they are taking off their clothes and getting down and dirty right there in the office. The once-sedate law firm is in total chaos and it’s all Alex’s fault.

Eileen has stuck by her fiance this far — what will she do now? It will take a real magic trick to fix this mess.

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