When the earlier version of “Something in the Coffee” was released, I won a free Book Trailer, courtesy of Long and Short Reviews. Even though the book has been revised and updated, with a new cover, the book trailer still covers the important points of the story!



I have revised and re-published “Something in the Coffee” as an e-book on Amazon!

Check out the newest version at http://amzn.to/1Memubu

Someone spiked the office coffee pot!

    Reviewers are saying: 

    “Ms. Maybud has a marvelous sense of humor…Some of the match-ups are pretty hilarious. Why don’t you get a copy and see if it makes you laugh out loud? It sure did me!”
       – Long and Short Romance Reviews 

     “Rose Maybud, I salute you! For writing such a funny, witty charming book.”  
        – Siren Book Reviews

Something In The Coffee

     Eileen knows her fiancé, Alex, is always feeling sorry for the downtrodden assistants at their law firm—and she’s worried that he cares more about them than he does about her.

 But when Alex plans to spike the office coffee pot with a potion that will make everyone nicer to each other, should Eileen play the supportive future spouse, or tell him he’s gone too far?

 Eileen is convinced that no amount of hocus-pocus could make senior law partners Ann and Duke stop their noisy quarrels. Or change the way sexy, ambitious executive assistant Zoe thinks about laid-back Kevin the IT guy. Or help timid Connie get a date with her boss, Roger, who’s too shy to admit he is attracted to her.

 Then the potion actually works…much too well!

   “Something In The Coffee” is available now from Ellora’s Cave – Blush.  


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