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Something in the Coffee has a gorgeous new cover! If you were wondering how sweet or hot this book was, maybe this sexy, funny image will tell the tale. It’s a scene ripped directly from this passage in the book:

SomethingInTheCoffee-2700Eileen took the receiver and set it down in the cradle.

“Time for lunch, big boy.”

“Hey! I wasn’t done—” Alex said. His voice trailed off as he got a look down the front of her blouse. “Eileen. Your shirt is unbuttoned.”

“Just for you, sweetie. Now come on.” She gathered his red silk tie in one hand and pulled him to his feet. His eyes were riveted on her cleavage. So far, so good.

“Button yourself up,” he growled. He reached for her blouse, but she ducked away from his fingers.

“Ah, ah, ah. You’ll get your turn soon enough.”
Still, she buttoned the blouse herself before they reached the hall. Sex had its place, but not in the office. She tucked her hand in his arm and led Alex triumphantly out of the office and down the block to her favorite hotel.

Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 538-542).


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