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A love potion in the office coffee pot makes stuffy lawyers lose their briefs and get down during billable hours…

Here’s what Long and Short Reviews had to say about the book:

“Alex should never have purchased the magic potion…

Ms. Maybud has a marvelous sense of humor. She takes a staid attorney’s office where everyone acts as thought they are made of iron, with no emotions what-so-ever and turns it upside down. While this is total fantasy, it’s sure fun to read and to watch these “robots” turn into needful sex maniacs.

The author gives Alex, the main male character, the characteristic of goodness. He wants all those working in the office to be kind, reasonable, and respectful to each other. Anyone who has ever worked in an office or as a member of a staff team knows that’s impossible. You can have nice people, but it seems there is always at least one bad apple in the group. However, Alex wants to make partner in the firm, so he figures if he can fix this problem, it’ll be a sure thing.

Ms. Maybud’s heroine is Eileen, and she’s much more sensible than Alex. When Alex comes up with the idea of dousing the coffee at their engagement party with a potion, Eileen protests. Part of the charm of the story is watching the two of them banter over the issue. The main focus of the story is the relationship between these two main characters, but the other relationships are interesting, too. They get even more interesting when the potion is drunk. Anybody else remember the song “Love Potion #9”? I think they got some here…

How the mixed up relationships resolve themselves after the potion has worn off is one of the high points of the story. They do all have memories they won’t forget, even if they’d prefer to. The sexual escapades are pretty graphic, but they are integral part of this plot. Some of match-ups are pretty hilarious. Why don’t you get a copy and see if it makes you laugh out loud? It sure did me!”

– Long and Short Romance Reviews

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