He lifted her face with one finger under her chin and captured her mouth with his. Heat bloomed inside her. Oh, yes, she was winning. Lost in the drugging kiss they shared, she felt his fingers pull the fabric of her skirt up higher on her thigh, and then his warm hand swept over her pantyhose-clad hip. She barely heard the bell as the elevator door slid open.

“Well really,” said an affronted voice.

Oh. My. God. She felt like she’d been plunged into an ice-water bath, the sexy heat that had been building inside her quenched in an instant of total embarrassment. She stiffened. But before she could back away, Alex tightened his grip on her. Without separating his lips from hers, he reached out and stabbed the Door Close button. Then he finally broke the kiss.

As the door slid shut he called out cheerfully, “Sorry, wrong floor.”


Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 679-686). Saralee Etter.

Find it now at amazon.com!

Girl pulls a man in a tie

Eileen Sangazure has a plan to add a little spice to her romance with Alex Poindextre. He’s her fiance, after all, and she’s going to remind him of that. And how!

[Eileen] used her shoulders to push herself away from the door and glided toward him as if she were a model strutting down the catwalk. Alex was still talking into the phone and making notes on a legal pad. Maybe she should have worn higher heels. Something sexy, seductive— something to make him sit up and notice her, instead of the admin assistants he was so protective of. She unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and leaned over Alex’s desk, both hands planted on his leather-edged blotter.

“Great. That’s great. Two-thirty. See you then. And—”

Eileen took the receiver and set it down in the cradle. “Time for lunch, big boy.”

“Hey! I wasn’t done—” Alex said. His voice trailed off as he got a look down the front of her blouse. “Eileen. Your shirt is unbuttoned.”

“Just for you, sweetie. Now come on.” She gathered his red silk tie in one hand and pulled him to his feet. His eyes were riveted on her cleavage. So far, so good.

“Button yourself up,” he growled. He reached for her blouse, but she ducked away from his fingers.

“Ah, ah, ah. You’ll get your turn soon enough.”

Still, she buttoned the blouse herself before they reached the hall. Sex had its place, but not in the office. She tucked her hand in his arm and led Alex triumphantly out of the office and down the block to her favorite hotel.


Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 538-542).

Although they’ve just met, lawyer Eileen Sangazure has her doubts about Jason, the smooth salesman from JWW Enterprises, Ltd.  She’d be a lot more worried if she knew that the “work-related mishap” involved being carried off by the demon Arimazel.bab-JWW 

“I like to say that at JWW we are not content merely to nudge the course of destiny into a new direction—we’re in the business of twisting the long arm of coincidence right out of its socket.” He smiled at her proudly. [Eileen] found herself smiling back and accepting an elegant engraved business card.

“They’re a distinguished firm of Family Sorcerers, my dear. The firm is named after John Wellington Wells, who was Jason’s great-grandfather,” Alex added.

“Great-grand-uncle,” Jason corrected. “J W Wells was a forward-thinker, the first to apply modern business methods to the practice of sorcery. Brought the firm right into the nineteenth century. But he died suddenly in a work-related mishap and left no direct descendants.”

“Sorry to hear it,” Eileen murmured. “But Alex, why do we need a…” She frowned at the card in her hand. “A Senior Account Executive, Potions? Surely the law firm is doing well enough.”

Rose Maybud. SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE (Kindle Locations 205-212).

Who is Arimazel?

The demon chemist from “Something in the Coffee” who formulated the love potion that causes such chaos at the Sangazure & Poindextre law firm.

Blue Smoke Abstract Background

After all, someone had to come up with the philtre that Alex buys so eagerly!

Who do you think was wrong? Ari for creating the potion, Jason Wells for misrepresenting the kind of “love” that it made people feel, or Alex for putting it in the coffee pot before he knew what it would do?

Or do you think it would be fun just to see what happens when all Hell breaks loose?

Visit the “Compelling Beasts” blog and let me know!

Get what you want!

So today is the last day for “Something in the Coffee” to be offered free! Tomorrow, the price will return to the normal $0.99. I hope those who have downloaded the book have enjoyed my gleeful little office sex party.

Also, why not visit Kate Hill’s Compelling Beasts blog on February 17th to meet the demon chemist Arimazel!

Then on February 20th, find out more about Something in the Coffee at Kate Hill’s regular romance blog. I’ll post the link soon!

Uh-oh! SITC ad

“Something in the Coffee” is still free! How do you like this new graphic I made? I think it’s pretty amusing.

Now you can see for yourself if I’ve got the kind of sense of humor you might enjoy — download “Something in the Coffee” for free today.  http://geni.us/3Boz


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SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE  is FREE February 10-14! http://geni.us/3Boz 

A love potion in the office coffee pot makes stuffy lawyers lose their briefs and get down during billable hours…

Here’s what Long and Short Reviews had to say about the book:

“Alex should never have purchased the magic potion…

Ms. Maybud has a marvelous sense of humor. She takes a staid attorney’s office where everyone acts as thought they are made of iron, with no emotions what-so-ever and turns it upside down. While this is total fantasy, it’s sure fun to read and to watch these “robots” turn into needful sex maniacs.

The author gives Alex, the main male character, the characteristic of goodness. He wants all those working in the office to be kind, reasonable, and respectful to each other. Anyone who has ever worked in an office or as a member of a staff team knows that’s impossible. You can have nice people, but it seems there is always at least one bad apple in the group. However, Alex wants to make partner in the firm, so he figures if he can fix this problem, it’ll be a sure thing.

Ms. Maybud’s heroine is Eileen, and she’s much more sensible than Alex. When Alex comes up with the idea of dousing the coffee at their engagement party with a potion, Eileen protests. Part of the charm of the story is watching the two of them banter over the issue. The main focus of the story is the relationship between these two main characters, but the other relationships are interesting, too. They get even more interesting when the potion is drunk. Anybody else remember the song “Love Potion #9”? I think they got some here…

How the mixed up relationships resolve themselves after the potion has worn off is one of the high points of the story. They do all have memories they won’t forget, even if they’d prefer to. The sexual escapades are pretty graphic, but they are integral part of this plot. Some of match-ups are pretty hilarious. Why don’t you get a copy and see if it makes you laugh out loud? It sure did me!”

– Long and Short Romance Reviews  http://bit.ly/20IBMMp

When the earlier version of “Something in the Coffee” was released, I won a free Book Trailer, courtesy of Long and Short Reviews. Even though the book has been revised and updated, with a new cover, the book trailer still covers the important points of the story!


I have revised and re-published “Something in the Coffee” as an e-book on Amazon!

Check out the newest version at http://amzn.to/1Memubu

Someone spiked the office coffee pot!

    Reviewers are saying: 

    “Ms. Maybud has a marvelous sense of humor…Some of the match-ups are pretty hilarious. Why don’t you get a copy and see if it makes you laugh out loud? It sure did me!”
       – Long and Short Romance Reviews 

     “Rose Maybud, I salute you! For writing such a funny, witty charming book.”  
        – Siren Book Reviews

Something In The Coffee

     Eileen knows her fiancé, Alex, is always feeling sorry for the downtrodden assistants at their law firm—and she’s worried that he cares more about them than he does about her.

 But when Alex plans to spike the office coffee pot with a potion that will make everyone nicer to each other, should Eileen play the supportive future spouse, or tell him he’s gone too far?

 Eileen is convinced that no amount of hocus-pocus could make senior law partners Ann and Duke stop their noisy quarrels. Or change the way sexy, ambitious executive assistant Zoe thinks about laid-back Kevin the IT guy. Or help timid Connie get a date with her boss, Roger, who’s too shy to admit he is attracted to her.

 Then the potion actually works…much too well!

   “Something In The Coffee” is available now from Ellora’s Cave – Blush.  


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